Inclusive Schools through Mediation is a 24-months Cooperation Partnership in the field of School Education that involves six organisations from five countries (Finland, Portugal, Romania, Spain and Türkiye). The main aim of this project is to develop the competences of secondary school teachers in order to educate their students to be able to mediate for a peaceful resolution of conflicts and an inclusive school environment.

The main objectives of the project are:
‑To improve the key competences of teachers, other professionals and people involved in secondary education in order to promote a method of school mediation, where students are the main characters in the resolution of their own conflicts, based on respect and acceptance of diversity;
‑To exchange experiences, good practices and methodologies between organisations and professionals from five European countries, to educate students in social skills and mediation for the peaceful resolution of conflicts;
‑To design a digital guide for teachers and other professionals in the educational community to implement, manage and evaluate a school mediation service;
‑To facilitate the improvement of school coexistence in the participating schools through the implementation, development and improvement of a school mediation service, in order to peacefully resolve conflicts between peers;
‑To create an international network of organisations, active in the field of school education, working with school mediation for the peaceful resolution of conflicts and peaceful coexistence in the inclusive school environment.

Duration of the project: 31/12/2023 – 30/12/2025 [24 months]

The main activities are:
‑First Coordination Meeting in Finland;
‑Meeting to present the Project;
‑Identification and collection of learning needs;
-Study Visit in Spain;
‑Creation and implementation of an Online Training Course for secondary education professionals to promote a school mediation method;
‑Creation of the eBook with the materials of the Online Training Course, translated into the languages of the organisations;
‑Creation/Adaptation of a school mediation action plan for each participating school;
‑Intermediate coordination meeting in Türkiye;
‑Implementation of the action plan with students;
-International Meeting between teachers and student mediators in Portugal;
‑Review and adaptation of materials;
‑Creation of the Guide for the implementation, management and evaluation of a school mediation service, translated into the languages of the organisations;
‑Meetings with stakeholders;
-Multiplier events in each country (except Romania);
‑Final editing of the project video;
‑Final Evaluation Meeting and Final Conference in Romania.